“This reposado has a striking drinkability to it, for sure. It’s got bold citrus and warmth. I could sip on this for hours.”

Jose R. Ralat – Cowboys & Indians Tasting Panel: Dulce Vida Reposado (April 2013)

“It’s almost like the chardonnay of tequila. It’s really drinkable with sweetness and oaky flavors. There’s lime in the aroma.”

Kathy Wise – Cowboys & Indians Tasting Panel: Dulce Vida Reposado (April 2013)

“The entire Dulce Vida lineup gets a thumbs-up here in our house. Don’t let the 100 proof scare you. Just close your eyes and imagine you’re in a Mexican distillery, sampling right from the still or barrel. No airfare or passport needed.”

Grover – Taste Tequila (March 2013)

“As for me, I really enjoyed the tequila. The blanco is my favorite, but I always enjoy blanco the best – I guess I’m a purist that way. I think Dulce Vida is a tremendously unique product (Organic and 100 proof). A delicious 100 proof spirit is a real asset to a craft cocktail bartender, mixologist, etc., as it can stand up to anything it is mixed with.”

Kyle Ford – Ford Mixology Lab, New York

“As you know, the vast majority of U.S. tequilas have a 40% alcohol content (80 proof). The extra 10% alcohol increase really DOES change the mouth feel and affects the taste, though to a lesser degree. Surprise (not): these tequilas were WAY more spicy than their 80 proof counterparts, and that is EXACTLY what made them so engaging over the long run..”

The Tequila Whisperer  (January 2010)

“Dulce Vida provides something new to the Tequila industry with their entire lineup of 100 proof, 100% Agave products. Hot and full of flavor, Dulce Vida Tequilas are perfect straight up and in your favorite cocktail.”  (December 2010)

“As a mixologist, I love the fact that all Dulce Vida tequilas are higher in proof content. This helps to bring out the true agave flavor of a tequila based cocktail, especially when you’re diluting a drink by shaking it with ice.”

Entrepreneur  (November 2009)

“Damn good tequila! The proof gives off some extra heat, yet the characteristics of a true tequila shine through!”

Naomi Schimek

“Smoke and heat! A NASCAR race in a glass!”

Aidan Demarest