Dulce Vida gains Kosher Certification

Dulce Vida, the world’s only USDA organic, 100 Proof tequila, is proud to announce the achievement of Kosher Certification and continuation of establishing distinctions within a competitive market.

Dulce Vida Organic Tequila’s product designs have been led by a pursuit of the purest form of tequila available, incorporating attributes of organics, 100 proof, and employing sustainable practices in farming and production processes.

Working with EarthKosher, an official certifying agency, provided the ability to couple Kosher certification with our unique product attributes that have led towards achievement of over 45 top medals earned in taste and packaging competitions.

“As an artisan distiller of handcrafted tequilas, distinctions such as Kosher certification, organics, and sustainability are extremely important in providing our customers a distinctive, incomparable product…”

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